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Update on Amari, the giraffe calf

Amari, the Masai giraffe calf, continues to thrive thanks to the dedicated staff who have been caring for her since she was born on July 24. Due to medical issues at birth, it was determined that the calf’s best chance of survival would require hand-rearing.

Caring for the calf has required around the clock dedicated attention, coordination and teamwork by the zoo’s skilled animal management and veterinary teams. Each morning at 6:00 a.m., the zookeepers are in the barn preparing Amari’s bottles for the day. She is bottle fed three times throughout the day, drinking a total of 11 liters of goat’s milk. She has also started to eat lettuce, with kale being her favorite. Like her mom Jana, she also likes browse.

On Wednesday, September 15, Amari, who weighs 245 pounds and stands approximately 7-feet tall, was reunited with her mom in the same space for the first time since her birth. While they have been able to see and sniff each other inside the giraffe barn, this was their first reunion together.

Amari will continue to be bottle fed until she is six to eight months old. If you would like to support Amari and her specialized care, you can donate today.

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