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Get Involved: There are many ways to support your Zoos!

Boston Globe Magazine’s July 30, 2015 feature story, “Why doesn’t Boston have a better zoo,” examines the Zoos’ history and addresses challenges Zoo New England has faced for many years. As we continue to grow, work toward greater success and fulfill our mission, we need the support of both private and public sector investment. 

Lions Box

There are many ways to support the Zoos and we invite you to become more involved! 

Become a Member and enjoy a year of incredible experiences for you and your family.

Donate in support of the Zoos. 

Become a corporate partner.  

Share your time and talents by becoming a volunteer.

Attend one of the Zoos’ many events

Shop for an item from the Zoos’ Wish List.

Stay connected by signing up for our e-newsletter and joining us on Facebook (/FranklinParkZoo and /StoneZoo), Twitter and Instagram.


Visit the Zoos! Spread the word and tell friends and family why the Zoos mean so much to you.  

All of your calls and e-mails truly make a difference.  If you would like to express your support for a more robust public/private partnership and increased funding for the Zoos, you can contact Governor Charlie Baker and Secretary Jay Ash of the Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development and let them know how much the Zoos mean to you. Please be sure to thank them for their consideration! 

Governor Charlie Baker: or 617-725-4005

Secretary Jay Ash: or 617-788-3610

We really appreciate all of your support and advocacy!