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What You Can Do

field conservationist

Join our Conservation Society

If you’re passionate about protecting natural treasures right here in New England, become a member of our Conservation Society.

Thinking about getting an exotic bird? Think twice.

Be Informed, Buy Informed.

We as consumers can make informed purchasing choices that can change the course of wildlife trafficking. Put simply, if we don't buy it, they'll stop selling it.

night sky

Dark Sky Initiative

We're a member of the International Dark Sky Association, working to mitigate the harmful effects of outdoor lighting on wildlife and the environment. Find out what you can do to help.

gorillas on the line partner

Donate your Cell Phone to Help Gorillas

We participate with zoos and aquariums across the globe in the “Gorillas on the Line” mobile phone recycling challenge to help save gorillas in the wild.

Ivory Belongs on Elephants

Every day, 96 elephants are killed in Africa—that’s 35,000 a year. African forest elephants now face extinction in the next 10 to 20 years. Join the herd in protecting this vanishing species.

Plastic Free EcoChallenge

Join the Plastic Free July EcoChallenge

Become part of the global movement to reduce and refuse single-use plastics!

reduce the risk

Reduce the Risk of Zoonotic Diseases

The COVID-19 crisis was knowable, predictable and preventable. You can help reduce the risk of future pandemics. Tell your legislators to co-sponsor the “Preventing Future Pandemics Act."

postage stamp

Stamp out Extinction!

Help support wildlife conservation with the purchase of Save Vanishing Species stamps.

sustainable shopping bag

Shop Sustainably

Deforestation threaten the habitats of orangutans, tigers, and more. How can you help? Look in your grocery cart.