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Does my rental time include time for me to do any additional set up and clean up after?

We can allow you into your venue 30 minutes to an hour ahead of your scheduled time. Just leave all the trash on the tables and keep what you want to take with you. Let the Private Functions department do the cleaning for you so you and your guests can enjoy the Zoo!

What items am I not allowed to bring in to the Zoo? Why?

Straws, balloons, throwing objects, inflatables and other decoration and game items are not allowed inside the Zoo under any circumstances. They can potentially harm our animals so please help us protect them and don’t bring them in! If you have a question about an item, please call prior to your event.

I’m having a birthday party. What's included in the time that I rent a space? Can we come to the Zoo at anytime on the day of the party?

The time that you rent out the venue with Zoo New England is the time for you and your guests to be together celebrating – singing, eating, etc. Depending on your specific event, mascot appearances and animal encounters will also happen during this time. The admissions tickets are good for the entire day of your party so feel free to walk around and explore before and after your event! You are welcome to arrive at the Zoo at 10:00 a.m. if you purchased advance tickets from us. However, we do encourage you to use your Zoo membership to receive access to the Zoo year round – for free!

Can I bring my own decorations into the Zoo?

Yes, you can. However, in consideration of the safety of our animal collection no balloons, streamers or confetti are allowed in the Zoo at any time.

Can I see the table décor and/or birthday space the Zoo has to offer?

Absolutely! We have standard decorations we use and you are welcome to compliment those with your own if you choose. Please make arrangements with our Private Functions department to stop by and see the decorations and/or space we have available.

When are birthday parties allowed?

Party times are offered seven days a week, year round. You can select from two options: 10:00 - 11:15 a.m. or 1:00 - 2:15 p.m. Dates book fast, so we recommend making your reservation at least two months in advance.

Is there a time minimum to rent a venue?

Yes, we require two hours unless you are selecting a birthday party package.

Do you provide refrigeration for food or any storage?

We are very sorry, but Zoo New England does not offer any refrigerator space or storage of your supplies. We do allow coolers to be brought into the Zoo.

I’m a member. Do I receive a discount on rental space?

Zoo members receive a 10% discount on rental space.

Do you guarantee my rental date?

We cannot guarantee your date and time until we have received your payment in full along with your signed contract.

How do I book a rental space?

For a birthday party rental, please fill out and submit the Event Information Request form.

Other inquiries, you can reach us via:

Can I bring in a grill for a picnic?

Sorry, no public grilling is allowed on Zoo grounds. Only a licensed caterer can bring a professional grill on grounds to cook for a private event.

Can someone assist me in bringing items to my venue?

A member of the Rentals department will be on hand to meet you and help you settle into the venue. They will be checking in on you throughout the event but will not be at the venue for the entirety of the event.

What is an animal encounter?

An animal encounter is when a zookeeper comes into your event with an animal ambassador and allows partygoers to learn about, and possibly interact with, the visiting animal. We must have a two-week advance notice for this selection…there are no exceptions!

Can I choose the animal that comes to my party?

We cannot guarantee a specific animal will visit your party; however, we can assure you that if your birthday child is uncomfortable or frightened by a particular animal -- it will not be at your party. Lots of factors including weather, animal availability and availability of zookeepers go into deciding which animal is appropriate to bring on any certain day. In the unlikely event that no animal is available for your party, the Zoo will issue a refund for the animal encounter portion of the package.

How do I get admissions tickets to my guests?

One option is to hand tickets out to your guests as they RSVP. If there’s not enough time for that, we ask that someone from your party meet your guests at one of the gates and hand tickets to them before they enter. Please let guests turn in the tickets themselves in order to keep the line moving as efficiently as possible. We cannot hold tickets at the gate or create a guest list. If you choose to have us send you admission tickets, they will not be mailed until your deposit has been received.

I want to bring in food for the adults for the birthday party. Will I still be charged the 15% surcharge for outside food?

Only if your event is being catered and served to your guests. You’re welcome to bring in your own food for the event or ask about pricing and let us bring the food to you.